Lab Alumni         

NamePositionYear(s)Moved On To ...
Melanie BedolliStaff Research Associate2017-2018UCSF Lab Manager
Michelle PerchardePostdoc2013-2018Group leader in London at the MRC-LMS/Imperial college
Gabriel PeixotoMaster's student2015-2018Lab Manager at UCSF
Stephanie ParkerPhD student2014-2018Research Associate, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT
Aydan KarsliogluPostdoc2013-2018Group Leader at Max Planck Institute of Molecular Genetics, Berlin
Steffen BiechelePostdoc2013-2017Medical Writer at Health Interactions, San Francisco
Priscilia TanbunBridges to Stem Cell Intern2013-2014Research Specialist at UCSF
Priscilla WongLab Manager2011-2017Research Associate at Caribou Biosciences, Berkeley
Lance (Chih-Jen) LinPostdoc2010-2014Group Leader at MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, University of Edinburgh
Rachel NittaGrad Student2010-2011Research Associate at Geron, Menlo Park
Beatriz Lacerda de SousaPhD Student2009-2015PhD Candidate at University of Coimbra, Portugal
Fong Ming KohPhD Student2009-2015Postdoctoral Fellow at National University of Singapore
Han QinPostdoc2009-2014Scientist, Genentech, South San Francisco
Kevin EbataPostdoc2009-2014Scientist at Onyx Pharmaceuticals, South San Francisco
Laure BlouinLab Manager2009-2014Contract Medical Writer, Paris
Marcela GuzmanPostdoc2009-2014Scientist at FLX Biosciences, San Francisco
Kathryn BlaschkePostdoc2008-2014Senior Research Associate at Genentech, South San Francisco
Michael SachsPhD Student2008-2014Member of Pipeline & Portfolio Planning at Genentech, South San Francisco
Yuki OhiPostdoc2007-2011Senior Scientist at ViaCyte, San Diego
Fanny PolessoAssistant Researcher2007-2009Research Assistant at Oregon Health and Science University, Portland
Christina ChaivorapolPhD Student2006-2007Scientist at Genentech, South San Francisco
Alexandre Gaspar MaiaPhD Student2004-2009Postdoctoral Fellow at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City
Marica GrskovicPostdoc2004-2008Senior Scientist at iPierian, South San Francisco
Salma SamiLab Manager2004-2006Research Associate at UCSF